Batons Stun Guns Bulletproof vests Tear Gas and Key Chain self defense items

Solid steel retractable batons rechargeable 500,000 million volt electrocution stun guns high power tear gas and hand self defense products

level 3 fed agent bullet proof vest
Level 3 Bullet Proof Vest
Stops up to a 124 grain 9mm
and a 158 grain 357 magnum.
Secures on sides with velcro straps.
Fed agent style easily worn and not bulky.
Fits large to extra large.
SA-BPV3a $400.00 one left. How much is your life worth?

pro 500,000 million volt stun gun
Stun Gun 500,000 Volts.
Pro Stun Gun with realistic voltage.
Not claiming millions of volts like others when they actually are not.
Measures approx. 7.5 inches long with belt clip and hand lanyard.
9 volt alkaline battery not included.
SADSG500 $20.00 Only one left more on the way.

3 million volt camo stun gun
Camo Stun Gun Flash Light(The camo electrocutor)
Manufacturer claims over 3,000,000 max volts (lol)) stun gun with built-in led flashlight
Measures approx. 8 inches rechargable
no batteries.

stun gun
Stun Gun
2,100,000 max volt stun gun with built-in light
4-1/4 X 2-1/8 X 7/8in. Slide out plug for recharging in outlet
no batteries. Holster with belt loop included
$20.00 sold out

stun gun
Compact 250000 Volt Stun Gun
Built-in 4 bulb LED flashlight
4-1/2 X 1-3/4 X 1in thick with carry case
Rechargeable,just plug into an outlet
$20.00 sold out