Belt and boot throwing knives exotic folding blades and fixed blade knives

Assortment of unique and novel folding, hidden and fixed blade knives and daggers.

Fantasy Throwing Axe
futuristic dagger thowing axe combination fantasy weapon
Super sharp!! New style. Sticks every time. Wrapped hand grip
Overall Length approx: 16in
SA-122017 $20.00

Big 3 Blade Thrower
big 3 blade throwing fantasy weapon starbig 3 blade throwing fantasy weapon star 2
This 3 blade triskelon thrower measures a whopping 9 inches in diameter when opened.
But yet it is only 4 inches closed and can fit into your pocket! Sharp and functional. Blades lock when opened.
SA3BBT-1 $12.00

Cobra Spiked Fighting Knife
spiked hand to hand combat knife
Measures approx 10 inches. Super sharp spikes beware
$12.00 each SASPK10 SOLD OUT

12 inch Stiletto
12 inch long pig stiker stiletto
Huge 12 inch Stiletto folding knife.
Measures approx 12 inches opened.
$20.00 SA-12STL

WANTED folding knife
wanted man outlaw knife
WANTED Rebel folding knife.Measures approx 8 in open
$10.00 SA-wanted13

Chopper knife
chopper folding knife
Motorcycle shaped knife.measuere over 8 in open
$10.00 SAchopnif4

Reaper Neck Knife
reaper knife
Reaper knife for neck or keychain. approx. 3in closed. comes with lanyard.
$6.00 SAreaper5

Mini Pantera
Mini pantera blade weapon
Measures approx 6 inches. mini pantera comes with belt sheath
$11.00 each SABL2982

Dual Blade Folder
2 blade folding knife
Exotic dual blade Measures approx 8 inches open

Chopper cross folder
chopper cross knife
Chopper iron cross folder.Measures approx 8.4 inch open
$9.00 SAcamocros8

Skull Cross Hidden Neck Knife
Skull Cross neck knife
Measures Approx 3.5 inches. Skull and Cross Neck Knife
SABL29 $6.00

Dragon Neck Knife
dragon neck knife
Measures approx 3 inches. Dragon neck knife with chain
SABL31 $6.00 each.

Boot Throwing Knife
boot throwing dagger
Belt or boot dagger. Heavy. Overall length approx 6in
$7.00 SABL34

Body Harness Dagger
body knife sheath harness
7 1/2 inch dagger with rubber grip handle.
Body harness will fit up to average xl person.
$16.00 SABL35