Gothic Iron cross cuffs Wolves armor bracelets rings skulls Chain Maille cuffs and custom orders.

Spiked rings, gothic and iron cross armour rings, spiked combat rings and martial arts style rings for people that like an edge or even a deterrent(not much fun) as well as leave a lasting impression on people.

Power Wrist Band
power wrist bands
Brown Leather Power Wrist Bands.
Measures approx 3 inches wide. Fits all with multiple strap buckle holes.
SABICB-1 $8.00

Iron Cross Bracelet
iron cross bracelet
Black enameled iron Cross.
Measures approx 1.5 inches high. Fits all with multiple snaps.
SABICB-1 $15.00

Shackle Cuff Bracelet.
stainless steel spiked wrist shackle bracelets
Fashion and functionability. One inch wide heavy stainless steel one piece
spiked shackle bracelets. Stretch open and squeeze closed to latch.
one size fits all. Also avaible for neck please inquire.
SAWSHKL1228 $25.00

barbed wire choker and bracelet
stainless steel barbed wire bracelets
Stainless steel barbed wire bracelets
One size fits most M/F up to average size male.
$20.00 each SABWB12

Stainless steel barbed neck choker
One size fits most M/F.
$30.00 each SABWB12-2

Stainless Steel Barbell Bracelets
stainless steel barbell bracelets
barbell bracelets in stainless steel
One size fits mens.
$30.00 each SASSBBB1

Stainless Steel Armor cuff
3 inch Stainless armor bracelet
Stainless steel bracelet with lining.
measures approx 3 inches high.
SAAC3 $18.00

Iron cross cuff
sts iron cross bracelet
Stainless steel bracelet with lining.
measures approx 2 inches high.
SAICC106 $15.00

Wolf head bracelet
leather wolf with ring bracelet
Measures 2 inches wide
Leather with Wolf head. Multiple snap closures fit all.
SARWB-2 $15.00

Black Leather n Chain Maille Bracelet
leather and maille braclets and riser cuffs
3 inch Leather with chain maiile. Snap closure
SALNMB12 $25.00 2 inch